About us

The history of my parents with Bearded Dragons started before me, with Rango, their 1st dragon: unfortunately I didn’t know my brother as he has lived for 11 months only, has passed away due to atadeno virus complications after his 1st and only boarding when he has got the virus due to the lack of care and attention by the people that supposedly were specialized in reptiles. Sad beginning for Mom and Dad, also for Rango, but they didn’t give up!



My name is Pipoca and I was born in Deerfield FL, my parents visited the breeder and were amazed by all my brothers, sisters and cousins (other lizards not as cute as we Bearded Dragons, lol), they were thinking they will be choosing someone but I was the one choosing them: too many humans around but they were different, willing to take care and with kindness in their eyes and I did cheer them several times, they saw me and our history began!



My Mom then started to make me outfits, harness, hammocks, thermal pillow, hats since May/2018 and we thought together: why do not share this with the world? This is how Pipoca Dragon Crafts started: a human-dragon family with love and kindness extending what we have at home to the world of human-dragon families!

And on Apr/2019, directly from Clearwater FL, my parents got my baby sister: a white-grey funny beardie that they named Tapioca! She’s growing fast but still learning things, specially how to be a dragon-model for all the beautiful things mommy produces for us and the world!

As the human love for dragons in this family is always growing, since last May/2020 we now have the 3rd beardie around: the charming dark-smokey Pororoca, directly from Miami FL.





Also, we’re more and more learning to get used to each other: all in all, we’re all Floridian dragons, with Australian roots but raised by foreign parents those teach the ways of love and respect with everyone! 


Pipoca & Tapioca & Pororoca